Hugglescote Community Primary School Priorities for the upcoming Academic year.

Academic progress

1 Implement a recovery curriculum to support pupils returning to school, identify gaps and enable pupils to make good progress.

2 To achieve positive progress scores in Reading, Writing and Maths by the end of Key stage 2

3 Increase attainment in phonics in line with national figures

4 Accelerate pupil progress for those at risk of underperformance

Quality of education

1 Implement updated curriculum throughout the school

2 Ensure learning is progressive and systematic

3 Ensure pupils work across the curriculum is of a good quality

4 Develop consistent feedback

Personal development

1 Implement relationships and Sex Education policy and curriculum

2 Develop opportunities to improve understanding of different faiths and cultural diversity

3 Increase physical activity

Behaviour and attitudes

1 Improve attendance to at least 97%

2 Improve punctuality of groups

3 Ensure a calm and orderly environment at all times

Leadership and management

1 Develop the role of mental health practitioners for pupils and adults

2 Improve teachers’ subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge in order to enhance the teaching of the curriculum

3 Undertake staff restructuring in order to maintain surplus budget