Parent Questionnaire

EYFS Superheroes!

The children have settled in to their new ‘big’ school very well and we are really pleased with how well they are all doing.

Last half term we were learning all about Superheroes. We looked at how we are superheroes and talked about what makes us special and unique. We looked at a skeleton and talked about eating healthy food to make us super fit and strong.

We looked at all of the superheroes’ in our school that help us and went on a walk to find what everyone does. We used our super senses to listen to all the sounds of the school.

We then focused on our families and spoke about the people in our families and why they are super to us. We also looked at different families around the world and how they are similar or different to our own. Following this, we spent a lot of time learning about superheroes in our community and how they help us. We were lucky enough to have a visit from two nurses who  talked about her job and all the superhero things they do to help people. We also had a visit from two police officers who told us about how we keep everybody safe. We had a police station role-play and had to fill in forms and help rescue people. We also built a fire engine and pretended to be fire people putting out fires with our hose.

We have started our Forest Friday sessions and have enjoyed exploring the woods climbing trees, building dens and collecting leaves for our autumn display.

Our topic ended with us training to be a superhero! We took part in lots of activities including superhero counting, searching for and recognisng our new super sounds, exploring super magnets and writing superhero wow words, to name a few.

We held a superhero morning where we had lots of games and races as part of our training to become a superhero. We dressed up in the capes and masks that we had designed and as the training camp came to an end we were all made official superheroes and we could fly around the field.

We have really enjoyed our superhero topic and learnt lots of new things. I wonder what we’ll be learning about next… 

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