New EYFS Starters 2020/21

Frozen Kingdom

Frozen Kingdom

This term, Year 6 have worked tremendously hard to learn all about the Titanic that sadly ended its journey at the bottom of the ocean.

After learning all about icebergs, shipping lanes and polar regions, it was time to research the sequence of events that led to how the 'unsinkable' ship embarked with over 2000 people yet finished with half filled lifeboats and over 1500 people dead. The children were able to research White Star Line (the company responsible for building the vessel), the fire that had begun to rage prior to setting sail and all the people who had a responsibility in one way or another. The children then concluded their projects with an inquiry report that expressed their own opinions as to who really was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic that fateful night. 

The children also spent time researching real passengers who were onboard, how to construct a stop motion animation to demonstrate how the Titanic sank and even got to study the floor plans of all decks as real architects. 

What a term!  


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