New EYFS Starters 2020/21

Under the sea

Our under the sea topic began with us asking lots of questions about the sea and the creatures that live in it. We sent the messages in a bottle.

We looked on the internet and in non fiction books to find lots of facts about sea creatures.

We investigated a real fish and discovered they are all different shapes, they have teeth and they also have small bones. we discovered there are different zones of the sea and different creatures live in each zone.

Then we learnt about the history of pirates and had fun making pirate hats, eye patches and made treasure maps. The pirates even left us a treausre chest full of treasure. We had to guess what was in each parcel by describing their shapes.

We went on adventures to the seaside and did tally charts of our favourite sea side food and wrote postacrds from our holidays telling our families about our trip. We learnt how to make a lightbulb light up and used it to make a lighthouse.

We designed are own cool boxes making sure we had enough insulation to keep our homemade fruit lollies frozen on our trip to the woods.

In our role plays, we had submarine adventures exploring the sea and looking for sea creatures and discovering mermaid caves. In the ice-cream parlour we had great fun making our favourite flavour ice creams and sundaes and relaxing after a busy day at the beach.

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