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Forest School




The Forest School Ethos is to provide a nurturing base that is appropriate at all ages and benefits children and their families.  This is done by showing a necessary respect for children and young people to unleash their curiosity in the world around them.  By regularly visiting the outdoors and particularly a woodland environment it gives the opportunity to access risk within the setting and therefore the ability to risk assess. Forest School Practitioners facilitate their experience to those who may need support into a long-term engagement with their surroundings.  The holistic approach reaches every aspect of learning therefore engaging the whole child.  Through time children will build up a range of knowledge and emotions, which will help fuel creative development and relationships with their peers.  At Forest School everyone is actively encouraged to work together and to start long-term building of feeling valued, equal and unique.



Forest School


Forest School is a long-term hand on learning process that aims to raise self-awareness and self-esteem in participants through regular planned and unplanned learning experiences.  In a natural environment children will have the freedom to explore using multiple senses.  Regular sessions take place in and around the schools woodland environment, where the landscape itself adds to the experience of learning. 


Qualified Forest School Practitioner (Mrs Sarah Simpson), with over five years experience, delivers Forest School at Hugglescote Community Primary School.


Forest School includes child development, self-esteem, and learning theories, facilitates sessions to gain personal outcomes for each participant.  Forest School Learning can be applied to all age groups and abilities, and can be linked to the National Curriculum. 


New perspectives – Forest School can give teachers a new understanding of the children as they can observe them in a different setting.


Ripple effects – children can take their experiences home and talk about them to friends and family, which can sometimes lead to families visiting woodlands more frequently.  Forest School develops the whole child.


Valuable to Children


Confidence – the children having the freedom, time and space to learn and demonstrate independence can develop greater independence in guiding their own learning and risk taking. 


Social skills – children can gain increased awareness of the consequences of their actions on peers through team activities such as sharing tools and participating in play.


Communication – language development can be prompted by the children’s sensory experiences.


Motivation and concentration – the woodland tends to fascinate the children so they can develop a keenness to participate and allows them the ability to concentrate over longer periods of time.


Physical skills – these improvements can be characterised by the development of physical stamina and gross and fine motor skills.   Access to run, jump and climb.


Knowledge and understanding – children can develop an interest in the natural surroundings and respect for the environment and all who inhabit it. 


Empathy- the social experiences with peers helps to encourage children to reflect and the ability to develop empathy.


There have been lots of opportunities for our pupils to go outside and enjoy the woodland area.  The correct outdoor clothing is required to allow them to do different activities from – using tools for purpose and tool safety, den building, learning about birds and tree identification, forest school games to promote team building, fire building, lighting and safety, kelly kettle lighting and safety, natural weaving and environmental art, foraging for natural materials and identification of safe and unsafe materials, bug hunts and pond dipping, self reflection and self initiated play, mud painting and clay creatures, tree planting and management, wildflower identification, mammal and bird habitats.


Hugglescote children have also been lucky enough to visit other settings and experience Forest School with other pupils from the family of schools.  These days are presently run on an annual basis but may be extended to more than once per year.

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