New EYFS Starters 2020/21

Under the sea - EYFS

Our under the sea topic began with us asking lots of questions about the sea which we used books and the internet to answer. We sent messages in a bottle to the sea. We are waiting to see if they arrive.

We investigated a real fish and found it had teeth and looked at the fins and scales, it was great to see a fish up closely and feel the scales. We learnt all about different sea creatures and how they live in different zones of the sea.


We have also learnt a lot of facts about the history of pirates. We collected the pirate’s booty and shared and doubled it. We then wrote wanted posters for the pirates.


We had lots of adventures in our submarine swimming around and sailing off on pirate adventures in our pirate ship. Writing diver’s reports and drawing maps to plot where the pirate treasure was.


We have been very creative making lots of different sea creatures and pirate hats.



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