New EYFS Starters 2020/21

All things magical and mystical - EYFS


Our topic of all things magical and mystical has been great fun


The Bumble bees had a magic shop role play where a large amount of potions were made using the children’s recipes to turn people into frogs and make magic explosions.


We conducted a number of experiments where we predicted the outcome and tested them the volcano bottle explosion was very explosive!


Pirate Percy and Fireman Fred bought a car but got the wrong size so the children wrote their own potions to transform the car into a full size one. Luckily the magic worked and we had a great time looking at the bright yellow sports car that was transformed in the playground.


The Ladybird class was very musical with their stage where the children had some amazing performances and lots of dancing and singing to the music.


We learnt a lot of traditional tales and began to write our own traditional tales. We wrote wanted posters to help find the giant that had escaped from the castle and measured shoes for the prince to help to find Cinderella. We helped Cinderella to fill her buckets with water and learnt a lot of vocabulary for capacity.


During the frozen weeks we used the internet to look at frozen lands and how they are different to ours.


We helped Elsa rescue her tiara that had been frozen by Ana we had to write a letter suggesting ways to melt the ice, we even had to help rescue Olaf who had been lost in an avalanche.


We finished our topic with a performance with all the children taking to the stage to perform a song or dance routine. Then we all went to the frozen ball with princes and princesses dancing together.


What a busy term it was I wonder what we will learn next term.



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