New EYFS Starters 2020/21

Walk Around Hugglescote

On 26th January the Bumblebees and Ladybirds went on a windy walk around Hugglescote! They made sure they were safe wearing fluorescent jackets and did brilliant looking and listening for their teachers. They looked very proessional carrying clipboards, ticking off all the landmarks and businesses once they had seen them. 

On the walk they visited many different places including the statue of the Bear, the hairdressers, Decor bathrooms and kitchens, McColls shop, Hugglescote Pre-school and the church. The children were able to ask lots questions and found it very interesting to find out more information about places very close to where they live.

Another objective of the walk was to spot as many different technologies as they could. The children noticed traffic lights, lights on cars, a cash machine, street lights, doorbells and many more!

EYFS would like to say a big thank you to all the friendly people of Hugglescote who let 60 children into their work place!! A lovely morning was had by all :)

Hugglescote Community Primary School

Hugglecote Community Primary School
Ashburton Road

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