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Donington Le Heath Manor House Science Workshop

Donington Le Heath Manor House Science Workshop

 ‘’A time travelling scientist from the future has crash landed their time machine at Donington. The scientist is confused, expected to arrive in the year 1620.  All the equipment readings indicate that this is a Manor house dating back to 1620’s (here the scientist gives a brief history of the house and their reason for travelling back to that period). However, the pupils seated in the Great Hall are clearly from the year 2015!  The scientist’s time machine has been damaged and the scientist is unable to return to the future. The pupils are enlisted to help the scientist get “Back to the Future”.



Recently Year 5 were asked if they would like to visit Donington Manor House to pilot their brand new science workshop. Naturally both Miss Thornton and Mrs Woolcock jumped at the opportunity!  

The class were split into two groups. One group remained in the Great Hall to carry out two teacher led activities that focused around a cabinet of curiosities whilst the other group went downstairs to the kitchen with the scientist to help with experiments to ultimately fix the time machine!

However, they were limited by the experiments they could carry out as they only had access to Stewart artefacts and a few items from the scientist's on board case. Threading through the entire workshop were examples of famous scientists, technical developments, and developments in health, food and hygiene since Tudor/Stewart times.

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