New EYFS Starters 2020/21

WW2 experience at Beaumanor Hall

On Friday 4th September, Year 5 were transported back to 1940 to experience what life would have been like during World War Two.

Throughout the war, Beaumanor Hall was used as a secret listening station to intercept encrypted enemy signals and we were lucky enough to try our hand at code breaking in the very same building that was errected, diguised as a family cottage. We then sat in an old school classroom to learn about rationing, recipes and how it was once illegal to be found without your identity card as it meant you could be a German spy!!

After Lunch, we found ourselves in the middle of an air raid and quickly had to go underground in a real bunker! Thankfully we were given the all clear to head back up but not before we heard the German bomber planes fly over and release some bombs!

We all had a great time (looked fantastic!) and it has given us a fantastic start to our WW2 topic. 

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