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Our Trip to Botanical Gardens

 On Monday 8th June Y5 went to Botanical Gardens on a bus. It took 45 minutes. We arrived at 10.15am. Our class was separated into 4 groups. Each group started at a different area to find every ingredient which was flour, sugar, coco beans, hazelnuts, raisins, pineapple, walnuts, bananas and free range eggs as they were all hidden.


There were some interesting plants like Venus fly trap, Poison Ivy, Prickle Pear Cactus, Redwood and Cherry trees; did you know a banana tree is a herb? A red wood tree is one of the tallest trees on earth and prickle pear trees are used to feed cows but they have to burn off the prickle pear fruit first.



Near the end we had some fruit cake. Then we had lunch and a little time to play outside. Then we started to sketch the Manor House, that part was fun!! After that we drew and wrote about herbs like mint. Then it was the end. My favourite part was sketching the house but overall it was a very exciting day!- Michael W 5 STH

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