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Transferring schools

Transition to a new school, particularly our high schools, can be exciting and worrying for you and your child.  At Hugglescote we try to make any transition as smooth as possible, particularly for our children with additional support. If the transition is within school (from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2, for example) we make sure any SEND information is shared in advance so that the individual teacher is aware and can make preparations.

Foundation Stage staff will meet with staff from feeder nursery schools prior to pupils starting school. Concerns about particular needs will be brought to the attention of the SENCo after this meeting or through the Early Years team at the Special Needs Teaching Service.  Where necessary the SENCo will arrange a further meeting.

Class teachers of children joining from other schools will receive information from the previous school; if there is an SEND issue the SENCo will telephone to further discuss the child’s needs.
Children transferring from Hugglescote to new schools will have details of particular needs and additional provision made by the school sent to that school.  The SENCo will discuss these children with other schools on request.

Additional transfer arrangements are made for the children transferring to High school, including meetings with the Year 7 co-ordinator and SENco of appropriate.

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