Parent Questionnaire




  • If you know that your child is going to be absent from school e.g dental, hospital or clinic appointments, please let the School Office staff know in advance.
  • Children are expected to attend school every day unless there is a good reason not to.  There is no automatic right to leave during term time, and requests will not be considered if a child’s attendance is below 95%.
  • For an illness or unforeseen absence, please let us know the reason for absence as soon as possible.

Unauthorised Absences

These are absences for which we do not receive a written explanation, or days for which there is not an adequate excuse.  Unacceptable excuses for a day off include: going to buy shoes or clothing, getting up late, a day off for the child’s birthday, going to see relatives.


Hugglescote Community Primary School’s Unauthorised Absence Rate is 0.60%.

We are required by the Government to monitor all absences and do so every week.  If your child is absent then they miss valuable lessons.  An average of one day missed each week adds up to one whole school year missed in four years!  PLEASE help us to educate your child by ensuring they attend every day.

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